Valentine copy Happy Valentines Day! Spamming the internet with drawrings of Griffin. What else is new?

griffenapple copyGriffin is beautiful darling. Here I capture her resting bitch face, please. love it darling.

<3 Die-anne

griffinencore copy

This is a photo reference pic, not a tracing one this time. Practicing on drawing Griffin. Should get good. Oh and VIVA DRAWING A DAY!

<3 Die-Anne

Well it is day two of the drawing a day saga….I RULE!



<3 Die-Anne


I am taking a serious challenge to draw, (well really this person just said I can draw on the same days as her every day). This person was my serious girlfriend (actually she just dressed up as my girlfriend for Halloween while I played JD from Heathers…chaos is what killed the dinosaurs). Ok so I am going to post a drawing every day and I am going to stick to this longer than her. Right.


IMG_20140203_211821  IMG_20140203_211833 (1)

It’s the bloody mannequin head that lives in my room. Her name is Kelly. This drawing sucks. Maybe I’ll make you a better on tomorrow.

I also joined another band…doing harmonizing vocals. Will discuss later.

<3 Die-Anne

zoepod copy
Cramming Christmas presents left and right. This is one I made for someone really cool. Still working on drawings for other people. Hmm, yeah but I mostly spent all my money on socks to give. Argh.
<3 Die-Anne

TaylorTree2I have a stomach ache and broke as a joke but hey, I will survive. No really I will. And I’m working on pictures for Christmas to help with it. Funny thing is that the very family tree that I was thinking is a good Christmas present is actually a homework assignment that I paid no attention to. World, you are so wack. Naturally I went to Media Mixer last month but there will be none this month….stupid holidays. I probably will pull myself up by the boot straps and put some planning into an event again. It’s starting to feel important again. OH YEAH, funny photographer at Media Mixer took my picture….I’m tired but miss writing to you. Let’s do it again soon?


1379583_10100774526624348_1105811141_nWell, no luck finding that email of my octopussies in my gmail account BUT here is a little comic I made at 3 in the morning at the MOCO gallery for the 24 hour art party that I threw up.
page1page2page3page4page55page5Page6page7Page 8 copy
YEAH! yeah…it is sloppy, doesn’t make sense and well doesn’t make sense but it makes fun of goths! AND it was 3 in the morning. There’s so much else that happen but I think the best way to describe it is by using the facebook invite… WHAT. FUN.

<3 Die-Anne

tentacles1 Firehouse mixed media mixer was a blast today! I won their costume contest for the Victorian Octopus Lady costume that I made! It’s based on a picture by Chiara Bautista. tentacles2 I also drew two pictures of octopussies. The pictures of them that I have are not emailing fast enough so I will just have to include them in my next blog pos…maybe I’ll talk about the 24 hour art party. I don’t know. I’m such a horrible blogger. <3 Die-Anne

dear simone 7_17 copy

Hello, we meet again. I’m almost finished working as an art teacher for the summer. Check out this picture that one of my campers made……35559_10100667850060038_1652864475_n Yeah, I know. It puts me to shame. Want to know how old he is? 9! That’s like fourth grade or something? Wow. Anyway. I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who. I finally got into season 5 which I’m halfway through. Turns out I like Matt Smith. He is no David Tenant but meh. That’s ok just as long as Captain Jack comes back. 1044317_582066051846005_1733046195_n

Anyway, I want to warm myself back into Dear Simone because I have some temporary unemployment coming up. About 3 weeks worth. Because of this I hope to be putting on a 24-hour art party soon. We will talk.

Love you lots,